Dun C An Auction
Dun C An Auction

Horse Transportation - Why Use a Stock Trailer?
It is not uncommon for someone used to horse shows and fancy facilities to wonder why so many horse people still use old-fashioned stock trailers for their animals With so many options available for slant load, rear facing, and other combinations of trailers, why would anyone want something as simple as an open-concept stock trailer

What Should a Two-Year-Old Horse Know?
When your horse turns two, you can finally consider beginning his training to be a riding horse Assuming that he already knows the basics of being led and tied, he is now mature enough to handle light work, and real training

Picking the Right Horse
So, you have begun shopping for your first horse, but you aren't sure exactly what you need When selecting a new horse, it is very important not only to consider your personal likes and dislikes, but also your body build, your riding skill and your long-term goals

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